HCG Infonights is a locally based HCG Diet/Simeons Protocol coaching company.  Our “infonights” help you decide whether HCG and the Simeons Protocol are right for you.

We offer full personal coaching through each 10 week round, and also Protocol Prep™ sessions for those who are confident enough to go it alone, but want some extra training and tips before getting started.  Our coaches are REAL PEOPLE who have had success and are continuing on their fat-loss path.

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons,  the creator of the protocol, had this to say about getting started, ‎

“In dealing with a disorder in which the patient must take an active part in the treatment, it is, I believe, essential that he or she have an understanding of what is being done and why.”

If you’re interested in the what and why of the protocol, you’ll want to read our blog.

You can buy the homeopathic HCG spray we recommend directly from our supplier.  It’s an affiliate site, so don’t be scared off by the hairy chested man photos; just scroll to the bottom of the page to order.

Get informed.  Get lean.  Get living!